NYSPA’s Accomplishments

Regional forums to link partners to enhance perinatal health.

Collaborative conference with representatives from Connecticut, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, New York on “Crossing Boundaries & Disciplines to Improve Perinatal Care”, (6/00).

Advocated for increased PCAP eligibility to 250% FPL (2000)

Worked with March of Dimes and other organizations to urge Governor Pataki to provide a gradual transition for the care of pregnant women to mandatory managed Medicaid, to support presumptive eligibility for prenatal care, and other key components of the PCAP standards.  These efforts led to the successful inclusion of PCAP standards in the NYS Medicaid Managed Care Legislation, 1996.

Provided testimony at numerous Public Hearings including invited testimony before the Governor’s Commission on Child Abuse and Neglect (2/96) and the State Senate’s Insurance Committee.

Serves as an advisory to state government through representation on various bodies to the Executive and Legislative branches-including the Assembly Health Committee’s Perinatal Advisory Committee, various Ad Hoc Advisory Groups to the NYS Department of Health including those on Perinatal Regionalization, and Comprehensive Newborn HIV Testing Programs.

Supported Legislative efforts for:

The Midwifery Act

Waving citizenship requirements for medical licence in New York State (to increase the number of obstetrical providers and increase to care access for pregnant women)

Direct access to obstetrical care, 1993

Universal primary care for children in New York State (NYS Child Health Act)

Address potential hazards resulting from trends in early post-partum discharge of mothers and their babies


Successfully challenged legislative efforts to include family savings and investment assests in eligibility criteria for PCAP, 1992.

Endorsed the need for tort reform for the Neurologically Impaired Infant, 1992.

Helped develop regulations relating to the provision of nutritional and psychosocial services for pregnant women in New York State, increased remuneration for physicians treating Medicaid patients and reduced reporting requirements, 1990.

Supported Governor’s initiative to expand funding for prenatal care to women with incomes up to 185% of poverty levels, 1989.

Supported Governor’s initiative to expand the Prenatal Care Assistance Program (PCAP), 1988.

Supported 24 month extension of Family Planning Services.

Member of Nonprofit Education Initiative Consortium (NEI), Center for Women in Government at SUNY Albany.


Position Statements Available on:

Medicaid Managed Care

Neurologically Impaired Infant Legislation

Maternal/Newborn Transport

Universal Newborn Hearing Screening

PCAP Expansion

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